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  Townsend Rod and Gun Club

Mailing Address: PO Box 289 Townsend, MA 01469-0289

Physical Address: 46 Emery Road. Townsend, MA 01469

FAQ for Current Members

Who is the Corresponding Secretary?

The Corresponding Secretary can be reached at

Are children allowed at the club?

Yes! We are a family oriented Club. Children under 18 of Members at any level are welcome at the Club at any time and for any event.  HOWEVER, THEY MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A CLUB MEBER AT ALL TIMES WHEN ON CLUB PROPERTY! NO EXCEPTIONS!  Once children reach age 18, they can become Student or individual  members and receive their own gate cards

How do I update my personal information like address or phone number change?

Go to TRGC.CLUB, then click on the small icon top right corner of the screen. Enter your email address and password (create a new password if necessary, by clicking on “forgot password”. Satisfy the “I am not a robot” request. Then go back to the icon in the top right corner, and select view profile, change password or logout. If you select view profile you will be able to self-manage information such as telephone numbers, address changes etc.

What is the Member and Spouse membership? 

Members and their legally married spouse may each get a card for the price of one membership. Contact the corresponding secretary to add a spouse to your membership.

May I add someone who is not a legally married spouse to my Member and Spouse membership?

No. The club bylaws dictate legally married.

How do I get a new access card?

Contact the corresponding secretary for a card replacement. The first replacement card is $10, second replacement $25 with each subsequent card after that is $50.

Broken or malfunctioning gate cards will be replaced at no cost. The member must exchange the broken card at the time of receiving a new card.

What's a Life Membership?

Members who reach 65 years of age and have been a member for the past 10 years, are eligible for a free Membership for life. The Life Membership also extends to a spouse.

Members are responsible for contacting the corresponding secretary to have their membership level changed to Life Member. A join date is listed under your membership profile.

How do I renew a Membership? 

Members are encouraged to use a credit or debit card with this site to renew membership. Follow the prompt in the invoice that is sent to your email.

The process has been streamlined in 2022, to reduce trips to the Bank with paper checks and cash.

How do I turn off recurring payments for Membership dues?

The site has recurring payments for credit and debit cards set by default, so the next time you need to renew you won't have to worry about renewing in time.

To disable this, navigate to your Membership under your profile and hit the button STOP RECURRING PAYMENTS. This will also delete your card from the system

How do I get a password to login?

Follow the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. 

I've changed emails or forgot my email. How do I update if I've never logged in before?

Email the corresponding secretary with your updated email, and look out for an email from the system to reset your password.

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